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Existen 2 formas de desarrollar un diseño de software: Una es hacerla tan simple que obviamente no hay deficiencias, y la otra es que sea tan complicada que no existan deficiencias obvias. El primer método es mucho más dificil.
C.A.R. Hoare (Inventor del algoritmo quickshort) - Investigador Microsoft - Estados Unidos

tools & products


Our business unit tools & products, whose mission is to provide our customers and complement tools covering as many good practices throughout the development process. We also have a set of products for various businesses.

to who?

We aim for everyone involved in the development process wishing support to its activities in CASE tools, and on the other hand, aim to various businesses who wish to purchase our products.


We are known for proposing simple and effective tools that provide the most value in line with the best practices of software engineering, ensuring that the implementation and use of a tool not to end in itself, but a means for the team to gat the job done.