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Nueve personas no pueden hacer un bebe en un mes”. "Añadir personal a un proyecto retrasado lo retrasará aún más." "Es una experiencia humillante el cometer un error de costo multimillonario, pero es también muy memorable
Fred Brooks (Autor del ensayo “No Silver Bullet”) Consulting - Estados Unidos

projects & develompents


Our business unit projects & Developments mission is involved with the  needs of each organization, carrying out the project solution beyond the mere construction of the software

to who?

It is intended for any customer who need to delegate the construction of  software under offshore mode or customers who need to entrust to third parties the project management (in whole or in part) to reach a particular software solution


We are known for having a development team, employing innovative methods and techniques that support agile development and highly productive tasks . We also have specialists in project management of various sizes with experience in different business domains.