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our pet

When we think of our brand we thought it would be fun and nice to have a pet to accompany us and that in some way reflects some of our ideas and culture. We Picked an ant, which undoubtedly represents, among other things:

The cult of teamwork, coordination of efforts by an objective, working tirelessly in a committed way, to have a clear direction for all; constant perseverance in overcoming obstacles and seeking alternative ways, among many other qualities. 

As a special feature, the silhouette you can see in the figure of our pet corresponds to the silhouette of the "Argentinian ant" (Linepithema humile), which has achieved a peculiarly global expansion having presence in over twenty countries such as United States, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. 

Finally, as a picturesque note reaffirming our choice and identification with this species as our mascot, a recent research has shown that ants practice a formal education system (coach-student relationship) unprecedented in the animal kingdom, as the ants know a route to the food brought to others the way to go and wait for them so they can memorize the route.